I love Mandelbrot Sets. They are cute, they are cool, and they are classic Fractal Math Art. Fun Fact: In Germany, they are called Apfelmännchen. What a fantastic word is that?

This post about the Mandelbrot Set is still one of the most visited articles on my little Fractal Art Blog so I guess most people like them.

I already introduced my new Mask collection in this Fractal Art Designer Face Masks post but today I will give you the whole Mandelbrot Set Power. Here we go (just click on a mask you like and it will take you straight to the respective order page in my shop):

Black Mandelbrot Set Face Masks

Black and White Mandelbrot Set Designer Face Mask
Cool Black Mandelbrot Set full of energy, Face Mask for sale

Colorful Mandelbrot Set Face Masks

Let’s start with just a touch of color:

Fractal Math Art beige, brown and black

How about some red? Red and black is always a good fit!

Red and black Fractal Art (Mandelbrot Set)

Want more colors? Well, no problem. How about some warm, autumnal tones:

Designer Fashion Face Mask, warm orange and black colors

Hmm? What did you say? More vivid colors? Okay, we can do that. Eat this:

Trippy Fractal Art Face Masks

Colorful Mandelbrot Set Fashion Face Mask
Wild and crazy Fractal Art, Designer Face Mask

Mandelbrot Set Fractals, Face Mask Shop

Do you want to see more Fractal Art Face Masks? No problem, I will show you how to browse through our collection!

Click here to see all Mandelbrot Set Face Masks

Or use this link to enjoy all of your Fractal Art Designer Face Masks

Which Mask do you like the most? Tell me in the comments!

Mandelbrot Set Designer Face Masks
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