For me Fractals are a wonderful genre of Math Art. Modern software allows us Fractal Artists to create lovely decorative works with amazing shades, colors and textures. But there are days when we need the pure and honest Mandelbrot power:

Mandelbrot Set black and white
Classic Mandelbrot set black and white
Mandelbrot Set black and red
Red and black Mandelbrot
Colorful Mandelbrot Set
Wild, crazy and colorful Math Art full of energy
Cool black and white Mandelbrot Set
Pretty cool: stunning Mandelbrot Set in pure black and white
Mandelbrot Set purple black white
Pretty decorative: Purple, black and white Mandelbrot Set

So there you have it – five classic Mandelbrots. All of them are available as poster, framed print, canvas print, metal- or acrylic print. If you are interested in buying one of them just click on the picture or find even more of them in my Fractal Art Shop.

Mandelbrot Set

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