Floral Fractal Art with jewel colors Framed Print

Wall Art: Posters and Prints

Fractal Wall Art: Fractals are the most amazing Math Art I know. Decorative florals, cool spirals, snow crystals, calming blue abstracts – you name it.

Floral Fractal with jewel colors Throw Pillow

Home Decor: Duvet Covers, Throw Pillows and Shower Curtains

Fractal Home Decor: How cool is that? Your favorite Fractal as Duvet Cover for your bedroom or as Throw Pillow! Or how about a Shower Curtain for your bathroom decoration?

Fractal Art Phone Case

Tech: Fractal iPhone and Galaxy Cases

Fractal Phone Cases for iPhone and Galaxy: Protect your Phone with an impact-resistant, slim-profile, hard-shell-case.