Gronko, the fire golem, one of the three mythical creatures, that had created Raylas world once upon a time, disappeared behind the horizon. He had just brought a magical sun, that brought a line of sunflowers to life.

Rayla had now seen Realdor the rainbow dragon and his brother Gronko. She was almost sure who was next. Almost as if she had called him, the sky got gray and lightning rained down beside her. For some reason, Rayla wasn’t afraid. She knew she wouldn’t get hit. Her gaze wandered up to the sky, where she saw what she had expected. Nevertheless, hey eyes widened and her heart stopped a beat.

Fractal Spiral full of energy
Cochor the thunder lizard — or just a Fractal Spiral with wonderful colors?

Cochor the thunder lizard, was clearly visible amidst the grey clouds and the wandering lightning. Majestically he slid across the sky and Rayla felt like she could hear the earth sighing in relief like it could breathe again after years and years of being choked.

Nobody would ever believe her.

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Fractal Art Story Cochor the Thunder Lizard
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