Rayla had only heard tales about the visits of Realdor, the rainbow dragon.

I mean, every child that grew up in the last few hundred years had only heard old, foreign stories of long-gone times, when the rainbow dragon flew over those lands more often, blessing it with rain and luck.

After all, it was one of the three big beasts, the protagonist of one of the three big myths that defined the country, its history and the people living in it. The other two, of course, being Cochor the thunder lizard, that created weather and love, as well as Gronko the fire golem, who was known for bringing humankind fire and also bad jokes.

They also called Realdor the “water bringer”, and since he left, the water had left too. Of course, they had some water, but it was valuable and rare. Realdor had lived longer than this world itself. Some even said he played his part in creating it, giving life to the endless oceans and every single wave, that pushes onto our shores, day for day.  But seeing the dragon here, right in front of her, that was something else.

Fractal Dragon Tail with rainbow colors
Colorful Fractal Dragon Tail

She was dreaming. She had to be. Flowers started growing in the ground, which has been infertile for at least three-hundred years and a forest started growing before her eyes.

The tail swayed with a grace behind the big creature, dropping water onto the forests below it and leaving endless rainbows in the distance behind him. 

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Fractal Art Story: Realdor the rainbow dragon
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