A snapshot: Children are laughing with skates on their feet, while they glide over the big white, a young couple kisses, the boy slips and falls down. She helps him, and they both laugh, and their eyes intertwine in blue.

A mother stands beside the frozen lake and watches her child that grew up years ago and hasn’t been here in years. Today it is here, just for her.

The wind blows, but no one notices.

Frozen Blue Abstract Fractal Art

Blue Abstract Fractal Art for your Home Decor

Decorate your Home or Office walls with the ‘Frozen Blue’ Fractal:

Blue Fractal Art for your Bathroom Decor

This cool blue Fractal with the icy swirls will make a statement in any room. Order your high-quality ‘Frozen Blue’ Art Print now.

Fractal Art Story: Frozen Blue
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