Once upon a time, there were two twin-worlds, floating through a universe, only made out of red and yellow.

If you stood on the brink of a world, you could watch the other world, seemingly small in the distance. There was never any contact, but both populations were sure, the other one was just as friendly and peaceful as they themselves. Those who know no evil, never suspect it.

These two planets were separated by a seemingly endless cord, floating through the nothingness between.

Fractal Art Colliding Twin Worlds red and yellow
Red and yellow Fractal Art, Twin Worlds

Everybody knew that once the cord was to break, the two worlds would collide and die, so they prayed to it and hoped nothing would ever happen, to disturb their peaceful lives, and nothing happened.

Nothing happened until the darkness came. One morning both planets awoke, and something was off. It wasn’t long until they noticed. The sky that was once made out of red and yellow only was now black as well. The black cuts in the sky were moving slowly toward the cord, and even the peaceful citizens of the two planets were sure they would finally get to know what evil meant if the black streaks ever got to the core of their universe.

Groups of experts discussed, and the smartest men of both planets couldn’t find an answer. And at night, they stood at the brink of their worlds, looking across the endless cord toward their twin-planet, wondering if they could solve this problem with combined powers.

Maybe it was time they finally got to know each other.

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Fractal Art Story: Twin Worlds
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