As he stood on the beach, watching the sky turn from blue to orange to red, he felt as if he never really realized the wonders of the world. As if he had been granted a rare sight through a usually closed door. The fire in the sky, contrasting the blue ocean, gave him this scene.

And there was so much sky, no prominent skyscrapers, factory buildings or trees to block the view. He never realized there was that much space. And when the sun finally set, he watched it fall into the endless blue, watched the sky burn out and die slowly ever so beautifully.

And where the orange and red touched the blue, they mixed into a dark and almost endless black, sucking him in, like a spiral.

Fractal Spiral, orange and blue

“It’s like the world took off my blinkers for just a few endless minutes,” he thought on his way back to normality.

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Fractal Art Fire in the sky Spiral hanging on the wall of a Living Room

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Fractal Story: Fire in the sky
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