Many of us want to (or have to) wear a Face Mask these days. As you are a visitor of this Fractal Art blog I would guess you are into Fractals, right?

Me too, so I decided to offer Fractal Art Designer Masks.

Fractal Art Designer Face Mask for sale
Amazing Fractal Art with Jewel Colors, get your Face Mask here
Mandelbrot Set Face Mask
Cover your Face with a cool Mandelbrot Set!
Fractal Spirals Designer Face Mask for sale
Designer Face Mask with Fractal Spirals, get it here

Do you like them? Just click on one of the images, it will take you to the product page.

Want to see all of them? Great idea, here we go: Fractal Art Designer Face Masks for sale

The masks are reusable and washable.

All face masks are made from 100% polyester and include two woven, elastic loops for a comfortable, one-size-fits-all fit. These are simple, cloth masks designed for everyday use to cover your mouth when out in public.

Please see the respective product pages for more details.

Fractal Art Designer Face Masks

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