Rayla watched Realdor the rainbow dragon disappear in the distance, leaving nothing but wet soil and colorful rainbows covering the country.

She smiled. If this was a dream, she wanted to stay in it and never wake up. The sun shone down on her and painted her smile. Suddenly she knew what was next. Who was next.

And just when she finished that thought, Gronko the fire golem appeared on the horizon. He crossed the lands with big steps, carefully placing his steps, in order to not hurt the newly grown forest below his feet. As he passed her, she heard him laugh to himself and mumble something about a chicken that crossed the road.

As she looked down from the cliff she was standing on, she saw that the Flowers had multiplied by the hundreds and that sunflowers lined Gronkos’ way.

Fractal Spiral orange red black
Fractal Spiral orange, red and black.

Fractal Art for your Home Decor

Look what Gronko and Rayla created! Yeah, sure, for the unwary, it’s just a beautiful, decorative Fractal Spiral. With wonderful orange, red and black tones. But you and I know better.

Why not order a high-quality Metal Print, Canvas Print, Throw Pillow, or Duvet Cover of this mystical creation?

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Fractal Art Story Gronko the Fire Golem
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