The cherry trees caress the trucks that are coming home. The sun is setting slowly, and her orange-red rays dragging out the shadows of the trees, like gum on the hands of a laughing child on a dreamy summer evening.

It was one of these summer evenings, that could give you this very certain feeling. The feeling that life doesn’t rush past you, furthermore that it’s right here, brought into the driver’s booth with the warm cozy sunrays. Exactly those sun rays fall on exactly this evening through a dusty window into one of these exact driver booths of a truck, that makes his way over the warm asphalt, that is still steaming a little from the day’s heat.

Colorful Fractal Spiral
Fractal Spiral, wonderful colors

“Asleep” from the smiths sets the slowly ending summer days’ feeling to the music, without trying to put itself into the foreground. The man on the driver seat hums, dust and happy excitement dancing through the air. An attentive observer would realize, without a doubt, that he is witnessing quite a special moment, a moment in which everything comes together.

The shadow of the summerly cherry trees flies past the wheels and line the way, the way to togetherness full of laughter and wine and the smell of summer.

The way home.

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Fractal Art Story: Summer Evening
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