Once there was a city with the name Adelphi. Adelphi was a happy place, laughter and joy spreading from every corner of the city. They were especially well known for their colorful spirits, making everything glow in countless variants of purple, green, orange and red. Visitors would always just wander the streets for hours, marveling at all the colors.

Stunning Mandelbrot Fractal with Jewel Colors
Fractal Art with fascinating jewel tones — can you see the rainbow tornados?

But only those who left the city and walked through the green outskirts of Adelphi for hours would see the real beauty of the place. They called them the rainbow-tornados. These Tornados flickered in every color of the rainbow. You could spot them from a distance, and everyone who has caught the rare sight of a color tornado swears, he will never ever see something that beautiful again.

Fractal Art Prints

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Fractal Art with Jewel Tones Wall Art for Living Room
Jewel colored Adelphi and the Rainbow Tornados — Fractal Art Print hanging in a living room

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Fractal Art: Matthias Hauser
Credit for the Story: Tobias Hause

Fractal Art Stories: Adelphi and the Rainbow Tornados
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