The sun touched the sheets of her bed, so she could feel the warm embrace ever so slightly warming her leg. Flowing gold on soft white. She turned around, burrowing her head in the massive white pillow to her left. She only left the leg out, so she could still feel the sun.  

She was long asleep again, but the sun still caressed her as a caring mother would do to a child. Endless flowing gold on soft white.

Golden and White Fractal Spiral
Golden Spiral, minimalist Fractal Art.

This elegant, minimalist Fractal Spiral is available as Poster, Fine Art Print and Home Decor Product (Throw Pillow, Duvet Cover, Shower Curtain, Fleece Blanket, etc.)

Fractal Wall Art

A high-quality Framed Print, Canvas Print, Metal Print or Acrylic Print will be a great eye-catcher for a wall in your Home or Office.

Golden Spiral Fractal Art for modern Home Decor
Abstract Fractal Art, Spiral with warm golden and white tones. Framed Print on a Living Room Wall.

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Fractal Art Stories: Morning Sun
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