Fractal Art is Math Art. They say that – generally speaking – Mathematics is more of a guys thing. Don’t really know if this is true but if so – does this mean Fractals are artworks for men? Well – no. With the help of modern software we are able to create beautiful, decorative pieces of art out of this Fractals. See yourself:

Girly pink fractal spiral
Pretty and pink: girly fractal spiral, soft and luxe

Imagine this picture in a girls bedroom as large metal print!

This image won some contests on sites like Fine Art America, read what others are writing about it:

This is an absolutely splendid creation – the colors are incredibly rich and I love the clarity and silky smoothness.

Unbelievably gorgeous!

Wow, like rhinestones, brilliant, perfect in the master bedroom! The birth of Amethyst…

The picture is available as poster, greeting card, framed print, canvas print, metal or acrylic print here: Pretty pink spiral for sale.

Girly pink fractal spiral
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