Great Fractal Art is a harmonious blend of different factors: The location (where in the gigantic Mandelbrot and Julia world are we?), the colors, the textures and the lighting. Yes, modern software let you define one or even more light sources. Amazing, huh? There are days when nothing seems to be ideal, the results are o.k. but there is much more then o.k. when it comes to really amazing Fractals.

And then are those moments when you combine several parameters and see the result. And you realize: This. Is. It.

Beautiful colored Fractal Spirals silver brown sienna copper gold blue
Contact: Fractal with a beautiful combination of colors (silver, brown, sienna, copper, gold, blue), textures and light. Available as poster / print / product.

This is the moment when the real fun starts. By visiting other locations, adjusting the light and trying out different textures. So expect more Art with this style in the next weeks.

When posting this image on the social network tsu I received (among others) the following comments:

Have you found an unknown planet ? So many precious stones to see… Or maybe it is a small island full of shining diamonds… – Olita Mengisa

The 3D effect is amazing! – William Tasker

This is fantastic – all those rich tones! – Jolanta Anna Karolska

What do you see in this Artwork? Tell me in the comments!

Spiral Contact
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