Luxe and glossy abstract fractal art, beautiful golden and brown tones, blue and black mandelbrot set in the center:

Luxe golden and blue fractal art
Soft and luxe candy colored artwork

Read what others wrote about this work:

Like flowers crossing a desert, seen from above – Bragi Halldorsson

Delicious and delightful! – Bev Brown

Footprints in a golden desert – Olita Mengisa

Beautiful and elegant flow – Jolanta Anna Karolska

Is fractalicious a word? If not, it should be! – The Soulosphere

Velvety swirls of golden silk weaved into a blanket stitched with blue corn flower swirled into intricate folds like the insides of a seashell – Robin Castle

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Mmmmh Fractal Candy – yummy!
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